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Q.) Your name says "Mounted" so do I have to have a Horse in order to join?

A.) No, we have both mounted and unmounted units in the Regiment, but mounted is the primary unit.

Q.) What is a Dragoon?

A.) Dragoons were basically mounted infantry. They carried a weapon known as a musketoon in the early days, which was a shortened musket. Later, they carried carbines. They basically used their horses to move them from place to place, not for fighting.Most, if not all, of their fighting was done dismounted.
Light cavalry served an entirely different purpose. It was primarily intended to scout and screen an army's advance, and to do whatever fighting it did do mounted, typically using either the saber or pistols. Stuart's men were classic light cavalry.
Our modern Dragoons are mobile infantry, we move fast and cover long distances by the use of our horses.

Q.) What are the age limits for the unit?

A.) We have members from the age of 18 to 73 everyone has a place, reguardless of age, race, or sex.

Q.) What if the time I can donate is limited to once a quarter or so?

A.) Again there is a place for everyone, we believe that every person has something to bring to the table.